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Dec 19, Metro riders group seeks better service on 'minor' holidays, from Examiner

Nov 28, Bethesda Metro station elevators opening soon, from Gazette

Nov 15, Transit advocate: More is needed to make Germantown Road safer, from Germantown Patch

Nov 15, Message to lawmakers: Make transportation a priority, from Gazette

Nov 14, Portable speed cameras on the move in Montgomery County, from Gazette

Nov 13, Transportation advocacy group to discuss death of Germantown teen, from Germantown Patch

Nov 13, Resident talks troubled crosswalk, from BethesdaNow

Nov 12, Metro slammed for poor Veterans Day Red Line service, from Washington Post, Examiner, WRC, and Patch

Sep 19, New push to allow apartments in homes, from Gazette

Aug 14, County seeks concrete answers at Silver Spring transit center, from Gazette

Aug 13, Silver Spring transit center opening delayed as county studies cracks, from Examiner

July 19, Advocacy group demands answers on Silver Spring Transit Center, from Gazette

July 19, Silver Spring Transit Center delays sparks uproar, from WJLA

July 19, Silver Spring Transit Center opening date to be announced soon, from Washington Post

July 5, West Virginia officials discussing subsidizing MARC service, from Examiner

June 21, Transit groups push for gas tax increase in expected special session, from Examiner

May 23, Transit task force outlines vision for bus transit network, from Patch

May 2, Transit rider advocates ask Metro to delay weekend track work, from Washington Post

Mar 29, Move for beloved farmers market prompts concern, from Bethesda Patch

Mar 26, Bus plan may drive property taxes up, from Washington Post

Mar 21, Leggett would raise parking, bus fees throughout Montgomery, from Examiner

Mar 20, These feet are made for walkin, from Bethesda Magazine

Mar 15, MontCo bus network means choice between cost, congestion, from Examiner

Mar 13, Transit unions launch 'Occupy Metro' at Farragut Square, from TBD on Foot

Mar 4, Developers study ways to reduce costs of Corridor Cities Transitway, from Examiner

Feb 29, Metro riders speak out on budget, from Washington Post

Feb 17, Flash Mob in Silver Spring Promotes Purple Line, from Silver Spring Patch

Feb 16, Flash Mob Raises Awareness For Metro’s Proposed Purple Line in Silver Spring, from CBS 99.1 News

Feb 14, New Bethesda Metro station gains support despite Leggett opposition, from Examiner

Jan 25, Funding delayed for second entrance to Bethesda Metro station, from Gazette

Jan 25, Montgomery leaders worry over lack of funds for Purple Line, from Gazette

Jan 25, Montgomery council endorses buses instead of light rail for I-270 corridor, from Washington Post

Jan 17, Montgomery defers money for second Bethesda Metro entrance to next capital spending plan, from Washington Post

Jan 6, MARC Re-evaluating Schedule Changes, from Germantown Patch


Dec 1 Busway — not light rail — would bring more jobs, money to upper Montgomery, analysis finds, from Washington Post

Nov 11, Groups favor gas tax rise -- with conditions, from Baltimore Sun

Nov 2, MTA: Purple Line Means Faster Travel Times, Less Traffic Congestion, from College Park Patch

Nov 2, O'Malley says new revenues will help Purple Line, from Washington Post

Nov 2, Backers press for Purple Line funding, from Washington Post

Oct 28, Costs rise to rebuild trail along Purple Line, from Washington Post

Oct 27, Bethesda Metro Riders Voice Concerns Over Service, from Bethesda Patch

Oct 7, Plans for Purple Line move forward in Maryland, from Washington Post

Sept. 15, Activists want 2nd Bethesda entrance sooner, from Washington Post

Sept. 14, New plans for railyard at Lyttonsville Purple Line stop raise residents’ eyebrows, from Gazette

Sept. 14, Company Hits reset button on development plans for Chevy Chase Lake, from Patch

Aug. 29, Countywide rapid bus system proposed, from Examiner

July 19, Lack of money doesn’t stop Purple Line station development plans, from Washington Post

July 10, Lessons for the Purple Line, via Phoenix, from Washington Post

June 19, Meshing transit, development in Chevy Chase Lake, from Gazette

June 14, Transit and town center projects set to transform College Park, from Baltimore Sun

June 2, The University of Maryland officially endorses the Campus Drive route for the Purple Line, from Washington Post

May 17, Public hearings begin on proposed Metro cuts, from Washington Post

May 16, Purple Line delayed two years, from Examiner

Apr 28, Candidates for Chevy Chase's town council debate Purple Line, from Gazette

Mar 17, Governor O'Malley asks the Maryland congressional delegation to seek Purple Line funding, from WAMU

Mar 7, MTA Administrator Ralign Wells talks with Kojo Nnamdi about MARC; ACT's campaign on the gas tax is discussed, from WAMU

Mar 6, "The position of the university is that we must have the Purple Line," says UMD President Loh, from Diamondback

Mar 3, Campaign seeks funding for two-way all-day MARC trains, from Frederick News-Post

Mar 2, Frederick County TransIT proposes reduced bus service, from Frederick News-Post

Mar 1, Officials hear feedback on south Bethesda Metro station entrance, from Bethesda Patch

Feb 28, Transit group seeks MARC changes, from Washington Post

Feb 24, ACT's Tina Slater appointed to county transit task force, from Washington Post

Feb 24, Maryland's suburbs turn to urban building around Metro stops and New developments could spur reverse commuting on Metro, from Examiner

Feb 18, New station entrance design to be on view at Bethesda Metro meeting, from Gazette

Feb 18, Lessons from the ICC for transit advocates, from Baltimore Sun

Feb 16, County looking into shrinking $86 million garage, from Bethesda Patch

Feb 9, Advocates question cost of planned Bethesda parking garage, from Bethesda Patch

Feb 8, Does transportation 'lockbox' have a big hole in it?, from Baltimore Sun

Feb 2, UMD President: No Purple Line Not an Option, from Capital News Service; more details in article from Diamondback

Jan 31, University of Maryland administration takes positive tone as it releases final version of its Purple Line study, from Diamondback

Jan 23, Gas tax holds the line as roads crumble, from Washington Examiner

Jan 19, County Executive proposes yet another year's delay in new Bethesda Metro entrance, from Patch

Jan 12, New vision of a walkable Chevy Chase Lake around its Purple Line stop, from Gazette

Jan 10, Purple Line planners move on to details, from Washington Post


Nov 1, Fear the purple, by Ralph Bennett, from Diamondback

Oct 26, Ehrlich would cancel Purple Line on first day in office and transfer $300 million out of transit budget, from Washington Post

Oct 25, Light Rail Line Hangs By a Thread as Maryland Goes to the Polls, from Streetsblog

Oct 20, Bethesda station escalator to return to service, from Gazette

Oct 15, Point/Counter Point: The Purple Line, from 270 Inc. Business Magazine

Oct 15, O’Malley, Ehrlich clash over Purple Line, from Diamondback

Oct 14, Purple Line: Predictions vary around potential Dale Drive station, from TBD Neighborhoods

Oct 14, O'Malley, Ehrlich vigorously debate social issues, Purple Line, from Washington Post

Oct 8, New website urges voters to consider candidates' positions on Purple Line, from Prince George's Sentinel

Oct 8, Choice of Maryland governor will determine fate of Purple Line, from Washington Post

Oct 2, O'Malley-Ehrlich transportation gulf is wide - Incumbent would build light rail; challenger would scrap it, from Baltimore Sun

Sept 23, Plans unveiled for second Bethesda Metro station entrance, from Gazette

Sept 21, State transportation budget adds $48 million for Purple Line, from Baltimore Sun

Sept 18, ACT testifies on Metro governance, from Washington Post

Sept 10, Purple line to proceed in East Campus despite new development plans, from Diamondback

Sept 8, Bethesda Metro station closer to second entrance, from Gazette

Aug 26, PGACT releases Smart Growth Platform for Prince George's County, from Gazette

Aug 23, Washington Post editorial bases District 18 endorsements on Purple Line support

Aug 23, Bus Rapid Transit not more cost-effective than rail from The Baltimore Sun

Aug 17, Transportation Becomes Key Issue In Race For Governor, from WJZ

Aug 12, Approval of Purple Line engineering contract delayed, from the Daily Record

Aug 10, O'Malley supports Purple Line, from the Baltimore Sun

Aug 3, Riverdale Park discusses Purple Line, from the Patch

July 30, The myth of “highway user revenues,” letter to the Gazette

July 29, A state proposal to build a 16-mile Purple Line is now officially part of Montgomery County's master plan from the Washington Post

July 26, Montgomery's urban residents spend far less on transportation from the Examiner

July 16, Berliner agrees Purple Line must have two tracks; trail cost rises, from Examiner; more details in Silver Spring Trails

July 6, Howard University biotech campus should go near Metro, letter from ACT member Todd Reitzel to Washington Post

June 29, Transportation debate in governor's race about roads, too, from Baltimore Sun

June 28, The Medical Center Metro station's looming crisis, from Washington Post

June 24, Frederick County should care about Purple Line, from Frederick News-Post

June 23, Hundreds remember Red Line crash, from Gazette

June 21, Is Metro any safer one year after deadly crash?, from Examiner

June 17, Ehrlich's transit stand risks backlash, from Baltimore Sun

June 17, Washingtonians say commutes haven't changed, from Examiner

June 11, Transit and rider advocates want to be represented on Metro task force, from Washington Post

May 26, MTA Tightens Screws on University of Maryland’s Purple Line Recalcitrance, from City Paper

May 21, University of Maryland Announces Compromise on Campus Drive Closure, from Rethink College Park

May 19, Ehrlich Prefers Bus Not Rail for Purple Line, from Washington Post

May 13, Administration still insists on closing Campus Drive, from Diamondback

May 12, MTA pushing for additional Purple Line stop in Silver Spring, from Gazette

May 12, Montgomery council approves keeping bus routes, from Examiner

May 11, ACT joins student government in opposing Campus Drive closure, from Diamondback

May 7, Maryland will pay Metro money owed this year, in slightly different versions from Washington Post and Examiner

May 7, Campus Purple Line alignment still up in the air, from Diamondback

May 6, Del. Carr lobbies USDOT against Purple Line and for busway, from High Green, newsletter of the Chesapeake Railway Association

May 5, Oversized Bethesda parking garage now justified as Purple Line parking, from Gazette

May 5, Students blast Campus Dr. summer plans, from Diamondback

May 3, Metrobus riders losing out in Metro budget proposal, from Examiner

April 29, UMD rethinks pushing bus routes to fringe of campus, from Diamondback

April 28, ACT rides to Ride-On's rescue, from Gazette

April 28, UMD bus ban seen as attack on Purple Line, from Diamondback

April 26, Maryland moves slightly on operating funds, but plans more bus cuts for Prince George's Greater Greater Washington

April 26, Metro's maintenance projects deferred for lack of cash from Examiner

April 20, Ehrlich win could stunt Purple Line from Southern Maryland Online

April 19, ACT's Cavan Wilk praises White Flint plan from Examiner

April 16, Maryland student government reaffirms backing of Campus Drive route for Purple Line from Diamondback

April 8, Lawmakers reject attempt to stall Purple Line from Baltimore Sun

April 7, Md. budget puts D.C. area Metro funding in doubt from Washington Post

April 1, Underfunding of Metro could endanger Purple Line from Washington Post

March 29, State senate committee calls for restudy of heavy rail Purple Line from Diamondback

March 10, More Metro funding demanded by coalition to avoid service cuts from Washington Post