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The Purple Line Can Enhance Life in East Silver Spring

Let's use it as an opportunity to create a new, pedestrian-friendly Wayne Avenue and throughout our neighborhoods.

* MTA “Medium Investment LRT” option, 12/07

Light rail trains are quiet and pollution-free. They will travel along Wayne at posted speed limits -- not racing like many cars do today. Light rail transit lines have operated across the US and around the world in attractive residential neighborhoods for a century or more.

Paris light rail Media Pa lrt
Paris showed how to do it – The new T-3 line is revitalizing a corridor with new bike paths, trees, sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting. Media, PA, as shown here, has nearly 100 years’ successful experience with light rail. Boston, Portland, Denver and LA are other examples.

How Can We Make Wayne Avenue a 21st-Century Boulevard?
By ensuring that a well-designed Purple Line is built soon!

Who are the Silver Spring supporters of the Purple Line?

We are Silver Spring residents who see the Purple Line as a way to protect our quality of life. We come from these neighborhoods: Seven Oaks-Evanswood, Park Hills, East Silver Spring, Indian Spring, South Silver Spring, Woodside, North Woodside, Woodside Park, and other neighborhoods of the downtown area. We are members of the Action Committee for Transit and other organizations in the Purple Line Now coalition.  If you want to join with us, click here.