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Press Releases

October 26,Transit Backers to Elected Officials: Stop Playing Games with Metro Funding

September 8, Purple Line opponents' years of stalling cost project green features and phased implementation

August 28, Success for ACT's 31 Years of Advocacy: Purple Line Breaks Ground

July 19, Reason prevails: Purple Line back on track

June 27, ACT thanks County Council for making Metro a priority

June 26, ACT to County Council: Get Your Metro Priorities Right

May 30, ACT welcomes court decision on Purple Line

April 14, After promising “innovation,” I-270 plan turns into double-down on proven failure

March 23, Hogan priorities leave out key transit needs

Feb 1, 2017, Town of Chevy Chase funded study backs Bethesda Master Plan

Nov. 14, 2016, Transit backers enter Hogan's $100 million I-270 competition; proposal shows more MARC trains best use of money

Nov. 3, Clarksburg Mall transit fiasco shows need to fix broken county development rules

Oct. 30, ACT slams service cuts in Metro budget

Sept. 30, Legislators & transit activists join to show need for late-night Metro trains

Sept. 2, Maryland Appeals Court rules for ACT in public information lawsuit against Town of Chevy Chase

August 3, ACT condemns ruling to delay construction of Purple Line

June 7, Fix unsafe sidewalks after tragic death

June 3, Bus lanes needed when Safetrack closes Metro

May 6, Metro repair plan

April 6, 2016, Approval of Purple Line contract


November 4, 2015, Transit groups to Rahn: Stop building new roads until old ones are safe

October 7, Six organizations urge governors & mayor to fix Metro

September 20, Garth Burleyson wins prize, guessed opening date of Transit Center

September 9, Transit advocates urge Hogan administration to invest transportation funds in MARC upgrades

June 25, ACT statement on Governor Hogan's Purple Line announcement

June 11, After Hogan Rides Maglev Train in Japan, Purple Line Backers Invite Him to Maryland Transit Route

June 8, State & Feds Must Chip In for Hogan's Maglev, Say Japanese

June 4, If "Seeing is Believing" a Train in Japan, Why Hasn't Gov Hogan Looked at Purple Line Route?

May 21, ACT statement on Purple Line meeting between governor and county executives

May 18, Purple Line Backers Protest: Hogan Puts Purple Line On Ice and Flies to Vegas

May 16, ACT Slams Hogan Purple Line Stall

May 11, Town of Chevy Chase Violated the Maryland Public Information Act, ACT Says

May 4, Jobs, Not Golf! Campaign Goes to Columbia Country Club

April 27, Hogan aides rebuff business, labor & enviros as they huddle with Columbia Country Club

April 21, ACT calls on county to halt Columbia Country Club's anti-Purple Line lobbying

March 10, Purple Line opponents veer into fantasy with proposal for toll truckway on Jones Bridge Road

March 2, Purple Line Supporters Protest Anti-Transit Fundraiser

Feb 21, ACT Statement on Purple Line Delay

Feb 18, Town of Chevy Chase Spending Tops Million Dollars to Fight Purple Line

Feb 2, 2015 Action Committee for Transit Files Suit Over Improper Secrecy in Campaign Against Purple Line


May 28, 2014, ACT releases its 2014 Primary Election scorecard

May 28, ACT's 2014 Primary Election scorecard (PDF)

April 30, Common Cause Maryland Calls On Town of Chevy Chase to Allow Public Access to Public Records

March 31, Town of Chevy Chase Broke the Law, Open Meetings Board Rules

March 24, New Documents on Shuster Brother Lobbying Show Town of Chevy Chase Misinformed Residents Before Public Hearing

February 10, New Public Hearing Needed on Chevy Chase Lobbyist After the Facts Come Out

February 4, ACT Calls for End to Secrecy over Shuster Brother Lobbying

January 26, 2014, Lobbyist Filing Contradicts Chevy Chase Mayor — Shuster Brother Lobbies Congress Against Purple Line


Earlier press releases may be viewed in the archive.