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What is the Action Committee for Transit?

The Action Committee for Transit has a vision of better communities and better transit. We believe fundamental changes are needed in transportation and land use policies to give the people of Montgomery County and Maryland the quality of life we deserve.

Our broad membership and active volunteers give us the ability to make the voice of transit riders — and those who would like to ride transit if it were more available — heard in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington.  At the same time, we continue to educate the public about the needs of transit.  Our organization is democratically governed and we are sustained financially by our members.

ACT was organized in 1986 by Harry Sanders and Ross Capon and incorporated in 2000 as a non-stock corporation with a board of directors elected by the members. ACT has no stockholders, and the corporation's charter requires any assets to be donated to a 501(c)(3) charity if the corporation is dissolved. ACT is not eligible for 501(c)(3) tax status because of our advocacy work. ACT is probably eligible for 501(c)(4) status, but has not applied for it because, for a local grass-roots organization, the legal and accounting costs involved far exceed the benefits.

2018 Officers

President - Ronit Dancis (Silver Spring)
Vice President - Jennifer Hosey (Rockville) 301-905-6779
Vice President - Dan Reed (Silver Spring) Dan's blog
Vice President - Nick Brand (Chevy Chase)
Secretary - Tracey Johnstone (Chevy Chase)
Treasurer - Sean Emerson (Silver Spring) 301-655-1770
Board Member - Paul Goldman (Silver Spring)
Board Member - Patrick Thornton (Silver Spring)

Ex officio board members:
Ralph Bennett(Silver Spring) - Purple Line Now
Ben Ross (Bethesda) - meeting programs, 301-913-2849 Ben's blog posts at Greater Greater Washington and Dissent
Miriam Schoenbaum (Boyds), Upcounty - 301-528-6650 Miriam's blog posts
Sebastian Smoot (Burtonsville), East County - Sebastian's blog

Staff: Kathy Jentz (Silver Spring) / Cindy Snow (Germantown)
Editor Transit Times: Quon Kwan (Rockville) 301-460-7454

Contact Us

PO BOX 7074

For media inquiries please contact officers directly.