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ACT sent a questionnaire of transit related issues to all candidates in the June 2014 primary. Detailed results are here or download a pdf version of the scorecard for easier printout.

You can read the full candidates responses to our questions, organized by office - governor, state senators, state delegates, county executive, district council members and council members at large.

A Vision of Better Transit and Better Communities

The Action Committee for Transit has a vision of a Montgomery County where it is easier to travel and more pleasant to live — a county built for people and not for automobiles.

vision map with  current Metro & potential future rail

Click on the image above to see a larger version of the same map.

Years of experience have shown, and studies prove, that building highways leads to more traffic and more congestion. Affordable, convenient transit gives us a way to get past the traffic jams and fosters a better quality of life in our neighborhoods.

It is time to change priorities:

The Purple Line from Bethesda to New Carrollton is the key to creating a livable, transit-oriented future for our county, but it is only a first step. The I-270 corridor needs a comprehensive transit system including a Red Line extension to Germantown, the Corridor Cities Transitway from Shady Grove to Clarksburg, all-day MARC service, and streetcars on Route 355. Light rail on U.S. 29 is part of our vision as well.

Latest Updates

train in city

Federal Transit Administration signs Record of Decision approving the environmental analysis for the Purple Line.

Federal Transit Administration recommends $900 million federal construction funding for Purple Line. President's 2015 budget includes $100 million first installment.

The Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board rules that the Town of Chevy Chase broke the law when it hired the brother of Bill Shuster, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure committee, to lobby against the Purple Line.

ACT opposes the M83 highway and calls for transit alternative instead.


ACT's monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, at the Silver Spring Civic Center, One Veterans Place. Meetings begin at 7:30pm.

The Silver Spring Civic Center faces the ice rink and Ellsworth Avenue. It is an eight minute walk north from the Silver Spring Metro Station. Many bus routes can take you to and from the meeting. Ride-On #15 and #19 stop at the corner of Wayne Ave. & Fenton St.; Metrobus routes Z6 and Z8 and Ride-On routes #9 and #12 stop along Colesville Road; Ride-On #16, #17, and #20 pass by on Fenton St. If coming by car, plentiful evening parking is available at the Wayne Avenue garage and is (despite ACT's advocacy against subsidies for drivers) free.

Action Committee for Transit, PO Box 7074, Silver Spring, MD 20907-7074