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ACT to County Council: Get Your Metro Priorities Right

Press release issued June 26, 2017

The Action Committee for Transit (ACT) today demanded that the Montgomery County Council call for restoration of Metrorail and Metrobus service when they vote tomorrow on Montgomery County's transportation priorities. "We're astonished that the County Council would consider a transportation priorities letter that ignores Metro riders," said ACT President Ronit Aviva Dancis.

The draft letter approved Thursday by the council's Transportation & Environment Committee says nothing about restoring the Metrorail and Metorbus service cuts that went into effect yesterday. On top of that, the letter ends the county's support for the Metrobus Priority Corridors Initiative, which would improve bus service throughout the area.

"This very week, Metrobus and Metrorail riders began paying more money for less service," Dancis said. "How can the County Council ignore the needs of commuters who are now paying more money even as it's becoming a lot harder to get to work on time?"

The service cuts mean that Red Line trains will now run far less frequently in rush hour - only once every 8 minutes north of Silver Spring and Grosvenor. Bus routes, such as the J5, have been cut too.

ACT's letter to the County Council is here.