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When Will the Silver Spring Transit Center Open?

July 13, 2012

Dear Council President Berliner:

When will it open? We need answers about the Silver Spring Transit Center.

Four years ago, in 2008, the county broke ground for the new Silver Spring Transit Center. County officials said then that it would be finished by the end of 2010. We are now a year and a half past that deadline. The transit center still stands empty and unused. And no end is in sight.

Transit riders need to know what is happening. Why did it take so long to discover the concrete problem in the bus decks? Why are there so many other delays? Why does the cost keep going up? And, most important of all, When will it be finished?

When escalator breakdowns at the Bethesda Metro station became a severe problem last year, the County Council held a public meeting in Bethesda. The people directly in charge of the escalators came and answered tough questions from council members and the public. Silver Spring transit riders deserve the same consideration.


Tina Slater
Action Committee for Transit, President